Construction Liens

After providing mechanic and construction lien legal services to countless clients over 30 years, we hear over and over that this area of law is complex and difficult to understand. The result? Often, contractors, property owners and others who try to enforce their lien rights without experienced legal help make errors and omissions that can lead to thousands of dollars in losses.

If you face a construction dispute involving a construction lien, the Etobicoke law firm of Evans Law firm can provide knowledgeable and effective help. Firm lawyer and partner Fredrick D. Evans has handled hundreds of construction lien cases and can protect the rights of parties who are defending against liens or are using liens to receive their earned and deserved payment.

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Comprehensive Experience With Construction Lien Disputes

At Evans Law firm, we handle construction lien law for all involved parties, including:

  • Contractors and subcontractors who are not paid after performing construction services
  • Property owners who face liens after breached contracts, poor workmanship, incomplete work, work that was not performed in a timely manner and other construction issues

We are fully familiar with the Construction Lien Act, and our legal team includes experienced and certified litigators and mediators. We can investigate your claim and provide the full legal advocacy allowed under Ontario's construction lien laws. For construction lien legal help from an experienced legal team, contact our office.

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